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Are you looking for:

  • Advice on setting up in business?
  • Help in complying with statutory obligations?
  • A fresh approach to managing your business?

Meiring CCA are one of Lancaster's fastest growing accountancy firms, specialising in start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises. We are adept in helping your business grow and face the many challenges inherent in developing it into a successful operation. We pride ourselves in providing a fast, efficient and friendly service.

At Meiring CCA, we are totally committed to providing our clients with a service tailored to their individual needs. We keep track of all the essentials for you and provide professional, practical advice on how to add value to your personal, business or family finance.


Latest News

Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)
31/07/2014 - More...
The ATED came into effect on 1 April 2013. The tax is payable by certain non-natural persons that own interests in

Tax avoidance – Total Return Swaps
31/07/2014 - More...
A new measure was announced at Budget 2014 to counter arrangements where a company enters into a derivative contract

Disclosure opportunity for landlords
31/07/2014 - More...
Landlords that may owe tax, whether through misunderstanding of the rules or deliberate evasion, are being targeted by

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